Three individuals searching for stability. They are dealing with allegations, vulnerability and perceptions in a system that seems gradually to be breaking apart, where constellations change from one second to the next, where safe bets aren’t as reliable as they used to seem. Different personalities clash with and against each other, circle each other, seek each other. The three compete for hold, recognition and closeness – sometimes with humor, sometimes relentlessly serious. In RELY Lotte Mueller brings an acrobat, an actor and a dancer with their different artistic contemporary languages in the field of tension of an unstable scenery of 4000 golfballs* to question the neoliberalistic system and challenging the audience to take a stand.

* The scenery is upcycled and consists of reused lakeballs.

Artistic direction, creation & conception LOTTE MUELLER | Performance & co-creation CLARA SJÖLIN, MIRIAM ARBACH, TOBIAS SCHORMANN | Dramaturgical advice, documentation video & trailer GEORG PELZER | Assistance costume & prop ROMY REXHEUSER

A production by Lotte Mueller. Supported by Friends and Funder of the German National Academic Foundation, HfBK Dresden, PhfT Dresden, Labortheater Dresden, Artistenkombinat Leipzig, Razufa Leipzig. With special thanks to Stefan Knabe, Geowhan Ju, Rita Aozane Bilibio, Martin Nachbar.

Guestperformances at At.tension and the theatre academy August Everding were funded by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. This measure is co-financed by tax revenues on the basis of the budget adopted by the Saxon State Parliament.

„With 4000 golf balls as a symbol of the achievement-orientated society, the arena arrangement of the audience […] RELY stimulates thematically as well as aesthetically to rethink boundaries and to enter into conversation. Through non-verbal communication, RELY negotiates in a very unique way the question of how collaboration is possible […] and is also very accessible to an international audience through its focus on body language, acrobatics and dance.“
– Leonie Jasper (translated)-