Emotional dependence becomes physically if someone literally clinches. Apparent nearness proves to be a painful mirage and a hidden distance, whereby exaggerated affection creates hopeless pressure. A strong female personality becomes confronted with the try to take her in. The duo is questioning the intensity of closeness and distance.

Artistic direction, creation & conception LOTTE MUELLER | Performance & co-creation PAULA FIENER & LEON DAMM | Music & composition SEBASTIAN REHNERT | Dramaturgical advice GEORG PELZER | Costume MARTINA DRIESCHNER | Light TED MEIER

A production by Lotte Mueller. In cooperation with PTS.

What begins with an image of sensitive closeness and affection of a young couple soon turns out to be a painful mirage: when the seemingly obvious closeness of the two becomes an image of hidden distance, when the dancer not only clutches the partner, but becomes a violent as well as ruthless conqueror, and the partner comes under increasing pressure in mediating desperation and moments of hopeless affection. Here the choreographer finds impressive images. The strong duo succeeds in setting touching, dancing signs of hopeless loneliness like a flare-up. In a succession of moments of closeness and distance, of tenderness and brutality, the open question stands at the end, whether there can be the separating way out into the freedom of loneliness. […] The concentrated situation in the hall speaks for the power of this short work with a thought-provoking long-term effect.“
 – Boris Michael Gruhl, TANZNETZ (translated)-